Shari Gayle every way...about everything.
— Nayyirah Waheed

[ I am a creative ]

who embraces an innate desire to design and create with intention. I always respect the creative process and I aim to produce a product that aligns with the needs of its user.

[ I am Jamaican-bred]

and highly influenced by many cultures worldwide. I carefully use my experiences and values as a foundation for design. I have gained experience in Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, and Product Design. I am a 2016 graduate of the Masters Program for Interior Architecture at Florida International University.

[I am a student of life. Always.]

As a Lifelong Learner, I aim to refine my creative skill, and to also offer it as a resource for others. My biggest goal is to create a niche in design that is based on love, livity, and liberty.